The story of how my obsession began.


Several months ago, my brother-in-law took a DNA test and my baby sister thought she’d take one too.  Sounded like fun.  Only her test came back with NO Native American DNA.  Now, we’d been told all our lives that our great grandmother came from Cherokee ancestry.  Nothing uncommon in that.  What American family doesn’t have a story like that in their line?  Not very many, I can tell you.

However, my great-grandmother came from Indian Territory and the story was a deeply held one in my family.  In fact, as a child, I was enrolled in the Native American descendants enrichment program at school, because there was no question I was a descendent from one of the 5 Tribes.  I certainly looked the part.

Perhaps because of that, my family asked me to have my DNA test taken when my sister’s came back the way it did. Something I didn’t realize, but my science-y sister explained to me was that DNA does not always pass down.  So, my mother may have gotten Native American DNA, but not passed it on to her in the mix.  Sibling DNA is not the same.  I did this test (an autosomal DNA spit test) through Ancestry.com.

And there began my obsession.

Ancestry.com encourages people to create a family tree in order to link your DNA results, so you can find more of your ancestors and maybe even some live family members.  Sounded good to me.  I thought, “I’ll just build a basic tree.”

Yeah, right.  Soon, I was spending 8-12 hours a day, every SINGLE day, building and fact-checking my family tree.  I was officially hooked, signing up for several sites that allowed me to research my ancestors.  Agoraphobic, social phobic that I am, I was reaching out to other genealogists to ask questions.  I am even hoping to join a local genealogy group.  That family tree quickly grew from hundreds to thousands of confirmed ancestors with records and I continue to work on it, weeding out the mistakes, working on the little mysteries that are so very fascinating.

You’ll have to read my blog to find out about the DNA test and the other stops along my genealogy journey…as I stalk dead people.

You can visit my family tree at:


You won’t see live people, but there are plenty who have passed on to stalk at your leisure!